Listening exercise: BBC News video
Liberia's 'Iron Lady' claims win

Go to:
and click on: See the people of Liberia voting in elections: Video

George Weah has criticised Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for declaring victory
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, known as the "Iron Lady", has claimed victory
as the first woman to be elected president of Liberia - or anywhere in Africa.
Map and flag of Liberia:
Map of Africa; click to enlarge:

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
to declare victory
to look forward to
to rebuild
war-torn Liberia
officially announced
electoral authorities
to count
a clear lead
when all of this is over
to see reason
to accept the results
in my opinion
to reflect
Liberian people
to agree to + V
to work with
to be a part of the government
to respond to
needs of the people
to intend
inclusive government
to draw from all the political parties
warring factions
George Weah
to investigate
for tensions to rise
to filter out
to appeal
United Nations
peacekeeping force
to deploy
European Union
Election Observation Mission
to place
in a peaceful manner
Mark Doyle

Listening comprehension and background research questions:

1. a. Where in Africa is Liberia? b. How and when was the country founded? (Use the Internet)
2. What are the main languages spoken in Liberia? Check Ethnologue:
3. Who was the longest-governing president of Liberia, and how did he lose power? (Use the Internet)
4. What are living conditions currently like in Liberia? (Use the Internet)
5. What did Johnson-Sirleaf say she was "looking forward" to doing after taking office?
6. What attitude did Johnson-Sirleaf express toward her opponent?
7. Why is presidential candidate George Weah contesting Johnson-Sirleaf's apparent victory in the presidential election?
8. What was the reaction on the streets to the challenge over the election results, and what message did Weah give to his supporters?
9. Which international group was present in Liberia to oversee election procedures, and how did they evaluate this election?