Listening exercise: Popular song
Affair on Eighth Avenue
by Gordon Lightfoot


to wear perfume
the down side of town
to linger on
to entwine
And we came through a doorway somewhere in the night
flowing hair
to come undone
to brush s.t. down
And then we played a game
to belong to
we must almost be born

     First, transcribe the lyrics of the song as best you can using only the above vocabulary for reference. Then find the song on the Internet and check your work. Mark all the mistakes in red, and enter them in your pronunciation journal. Count the number wrong and write it in the upper right-hand corner of your paper.

answer the questions below. Give them some careful thought before writing down your answers; approach this as a poem to be analyzed in the way we do Monday mornings when reading a new poem.

Thought questions:
1. What kind of differences, social or otherwise, are there between the narrator and the lover he describes in this song? Find evidence in the lyrics that point to some of these differences.
2. Do you think the narrator looks down on this woman? Why or why not?
3. In spite of the differences between the two lovers, this woman and this experience seem to hold a special fascination for the narrator. Where does this fascination come from, do you think?
4. Explain the lines that mention the "game only she could win" and the "riddle" that the narrator can't figure out. What do these lines say about the relationship between the two?