A Moment of Science (I)

For each of the following two exercises, (1) read the vocabulary and questions, (2) link and listen to the audio file, and (3) answer the questions.

I. Counting on your fingers


to count on your fingers

to translate number system
kids to run out of invented
handy to go for coincidence
number systems toes connection
Greenlanders a base of ten digit
Greenlandic multiples to tease

1. How is the number '7' expressed in Greenlandic? The number '13'?
2. In English and Chinese we use a base ten system of counting. What base system is used in Greenlandic?
3. How did the Greenlandic counting system develop?
4. The number systems in most of the world's languages are in what three bases?
5. In some languages, there is just one word for what two different referents?
6. The word 'digit' can mean what two different things in English?

II. Processing Moral Dilemmas


conundrum to process brain circuits
to ponder impersonal to encounter
trolley to activate auotmatic
to run over to be associated with to guide
to flip the switch emotions to figure out
to steer to speculate to behave
to push into the trolley's path gut reaction to wrestle
Yuck. to be affected by background
moral philosophers upbringing to reach a conclusion
psychologists to internalize to take a life
to see one's point reaction  
scenario to store  

1. What is the first question that Don asks Yael?
2. What is his second question?
3. Why are Yael's (and most other people's) answers different?
4. What do scientists think affects our gut reactions to moral dilemmas?
5. What do we internalize when we are children?
6. Would you give the same answers to the first two questions as Yael did?