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 Distinguished Prof. I-I Lin (林依依特聘教授)
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1989: B.Sc. in Atmospheric Science at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan (國立台灣大學 大氣科學學士)
1995: Ph.D. in Remote Sensing at the University of Cambridge, England (英國劍橋大學 遙測博士)

2013- Present: Distinguished Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學大氣科學系特聘教授)
2012- 2018: Adjoint Scientist, Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (中央研究院環境變遷研究中心合聘研究員)
2014- 2017: Chair, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學大氣科學系系主任)
2010- Present: Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學大氣科學系教授)
2011: Director of International Affairs, College of Science, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學理學院國際事務中心主任)
2006- 2010: Associate professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學大氣科學系副教授)
2004- 2006: Assistant professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學大氣科學系助理教授)
2000- 2004: Assistant Research Scientist, Head of Remote Sensing Lab and Project PI, National Center for Ocean Research, National Taiwan University , Taiwan (國家海洋科學研究中心助理研究員、遙測研究室及計畫主持人)
1995- 1999: Research Scientist, Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing & Processing, National University of Singapore , Singapore (新加坡大學遙感與影像處理中心科學研究員)
1997: Technical committee member of the International Geoscience And Remote Sensing Symposium 1997 (IGARSS'97)
1992: Visiting researcher, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), USA (美國太空總署噴射推進實驗室訪問學生)

Awards, Highlights, and Selected News:
2021: Invited Formal Seminar, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (GFDL/NOAA), Princeton USA.
2021: The 14th Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Award, held jointly by L’Oreal Taiwan and the Wu Chien-shiung Education Foundation (第十四屆台灣傑出女科學家獎-台灣萊雅與吳健雄學術基金會共同主辦)[Web_Introduction] [Web_News] [YouTube] [TAIPEI TIMES report] [公視晚間新聞] [泛科學報導] [中央通訊社報導] [中時新聞網報導] [國語日報報導]
2020: 受邀主導撰寫AGU100週年紀念專書 (ENSO in a Changing Climate) ENSO and Tropical Cyclones專章,為台灣唯一受邀之Invited chapter
2019: 受邀與國際專家團隊共同撰寫’Frontiers in Marine Science’未來熱、溫帶氣旋之海洋觀測Recommendation,台灣唯一受邀之學者
2018: 受邀參加「世界氣象組織(World Meteorological Organization, WMO)」四年一度國際熱帶氣旋科學報告之專家團隊,參與撰寫專書(IWTC-9 report) Intensity Change: External Influences章節
2018: 台大學術研究成果傑出教師
2018: New Fellow of Meteorological Society of the Republic of China (中華民國氣象學會會士)
2018: Distinguished Fudan Scholar (上海復旦大學訪問學者)
2017: The 61st Academic Award, Ministry of Education, Taiwan (教育部第61屆學術獎)
2017: Lin et al. GRL 2014, Huang et al. JGR 2017 and Lin et al. BAMS 2017 papers were highlighted by Earth & Space Science News. [EOS News](PDF)
2015: Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (103年度科技部傑出研究獎)
2014: BAMS paper State of the Climate in 2013: spotlighted for the Tropics chapter [State of the Climate in 2013: Spotlight on authors](PNG)
2013: Pun, Lin and Lo GRL 2013 paper highlighted by Science and the International AVISO Altimetry Orgainsation as "Image of the Month" for August 2013. [AVISO Image of the Month-August 2013][French][Highlighted by Science](PDF)
2013: GRL 2013 paper was highlighted by Advance in Engineering. [Highlighted by Advance in Engineering](PNG)
2013: 國立台灣大學102學年度特聘教授
2011: One of Three Highlight Mathematical and Sciences Research Achievements, Academic Sinica, Taiwan (中央研究院研究成果-數理組3項重要成果之1)
2011: Professor Exempted from Review, National Science Council (國立台灣大學免評鑑資格教師)
2011: 99年度台大績優教研人員
2011: Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council (99年度國科會傑出研究獎)
2009: Twice (February and March) featured by NASA with official press release for research on Indian Ocean Killer Cyclone Nargis (2008), also reported by the USA Today, Science Daily, and the National Taiwan University News.
2009: Outstanding Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學97學年度教學傑出教師)
2008: Featured by the international SCOR (Scientific Committee on Ocean Research) in the SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study) newsletter.
2007: Ten outstanding Young Women Award of the Republic of China (2007年中華民國第十九屆十大傑出女青年)
2007: Teaching Award of the College of Science, National Taiwan University (國立台灣大學理學院95學年度院教學優良教師)
2005: Ta You Wu Memorial Award for Young Scientists, National Science Council, Taiwan, R.O.C. (2005年行政院國家科學委員會吳大猷先生紀念獎)
2005: Academia Sinica's Publication Award for Young Scientists (2005年中央研究院年輕學者研究著作獎)
2004: American Geophysical Union (AGU) START Young Scientist Award.
2004: Reported in NASA's 10-years anniversary of earth observation highlights, 2004.
2003: Citation in Nature: News and Views in Brief, 7 August, 2003, vol. 425, no. 6949, pp. 630, 'Oceanography: Bloom in Cyclone' (original paper see Lin I-I et al., 2003c, Geophysical Research Letters).
2003: Citation in Nature: News and Views in Brief, 13 March, 2003, vol. 422, no. 6928, pp. 132, 'Atmospheric Science: Quick, quick, slow' (original paper see Lin I-I et al., 2003a, Geophysical Research Letters).
Press Conference 'Latest Ocean Winds Research Creates a Stir - Typhoons a boon for Ocean life' on 6 December 2002 during AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA. Related News were reported by the Associate Press (7 Dec, 2002), CNN (8 Dec. 2002), NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab News Release (6 Dec. 2002), United Daily (聯合報), Taiwan (9 Dec. 2002), and National Geographic (國家地理雜誌), Taiwan.
Press Conference 'Oceanography breakthrough a world first for Taiwan research', 26 September 2001 during 2001 Joint Geosciences Assembly (JGA), Taipei, Taiwan. Related News were reported by the Chinapost (16 Oct. 2001), Freedom Daily (自由日報) (27 Sep., 2001), China Times (中國時報) (26 Sep., 2001).
1992: Award for best presentation of non-native English speaker at the IGS (International Glaciological Society) Symposium on Remote Sensing of Ice and Snow, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

Professional services:
Reviewer: Science
Reviewer: Nature Climate Change
Reviewer: Nature Geoscience
Reviewer: Nature Communications
Reviewer: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS)
Reviewer: Journal of Climate
Reviewer: Journal of Geophysical Research –Atmosphere (JGR-Atmosphere)
Reviewer: Journal of Geophysical Research -Oceans (JGR-Oceans)
Reviewer: Journal of Geophysical Research -Biogeosciences (JGR-Biogeosciences)
Reviewer: Geophysical Research Letters (GRL)
Reviewer: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (IEEE TGARS)
Reviewer: Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO)
Reviewer: Limnology and Oceanography (L & O)
Reviewer: Monthly Weather Review (MWR)
Reviewer: Ocean Modelling
Reviewer: Ocean Science (OS)
Reviewer: Progress in Oceanography (PO)
Reviewer: Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
Reviewer: Biogeosciences (BG)
Reviewer: Journal of Marine Science and Technology (JMST)
Reviewer: Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ)
Reviewer: Journal of Oceanography (JO)
Reviewer: Climate dynamics
Reviewer: International Journal of Climatology
Reviewer: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
Reviewer: Deep-Sea Research Part I
Reviewer: Boundary-Layer Meteorology
Reviewer: Nature Scientific Reports
Reviewer: Terrestrial, Atmosphere, and Oceanic Sciences (TAO)