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Hans H. Tung is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and a faculty associate of the Behavioral and Data Science Research Center and the Center for Research in Econometric Theory and Applications at National Taiwan University. He is a non-resident research fellow at the V-Dem Regional Center for East Asia hosted by Keio University, and serves on the editorial boards for Humanities & Social Sciences Communications (Nature Portfolio), PLOS ONE, and the Cambridge University Press book series on Taiwan Studies. Currently, he is also an Executive Committee member of the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences under Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council. He received his Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University. He previosuly taught international political economy, political economy of authoritarianism, and Chinese politics at National Chengchi University and University of Vienna. He is primarily interested in formal and empirical analyses of the political-economic dynamics under authoritarian rule at both macro and micro levels, and has authored and co-authored several articles in academic journals such as Political Communication, Review of International Organizations, Public Opinion Quarterly, Social Science & Medicine, Nature Communications, Japanese Economic Review, and PNAS Nexus. More specifically, one strand of his research seeks to uncover the political logic of institutional development under authoritarian regimes. A second strand of his research explores more fundamentally individuals’ political-economic decision-making through experimental methods and data. A third strand builds on the theoretical insights developed from other parts of his research to address various issues regarding how China’s rise on the world stage affects the regional dynamics in East Asia. His coauthored article, Power Sharing and Media Freedom in Dictatorships, won the 2022 Kaid-Sanders Best Political Communication Article of the Year Award by the Political Communication division of the International Communication Association.

Ph.D Harvard

Associate Professor

Associate Chair

Department of Political Science

National Taiwan University

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Taipei 10617 Taiwan ROC

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