The Graduate Institute of Linguistics (GIL) was established in August 1994. The GIL started as a Master's program, but was extended to include a doctoral program since August 2002. From its inception, GIL has been dedicated to education and research in analytical and theoretical aspects of Linguistics, especially Cognitive Linguistics. With diversified research topics and intensive studies on Austronesian languages, GIL at NTU has earned its reputation in the Cognitive linguistic research of Mandarin and Austronesian languages.

Over the last few decades, Linguistics has been considered a part of Cognitive Science. With joint contributions from Linguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind, and Cognitive Anthropology, Cognitive Science promises to advance our understanding of the human mind. In view of this trend, our future goals include the following:

1. To further develop the Chinese Spoken Corpus and the Formosan Corpus, as well as an open platform for the exploratory and quantitative analysis of corpus data.

2. To continue coursework development in Cognitive Science, including computational linguistics, language and culture, phonetics, discourse and cognition, and neurolinguistics.

3. To improve our graduate students' proficiency in English by conducting several courses in English.

4. To open our graduate program to international students.

5. To hold conferences and workshops in conjunction with the NSC, MOE, Council of Indigenous Peoples and the Linguistics Society of Taiwan to promote linguistic research in Taiwan.