Genome and Systems Biology Seminar

The GSB seminar is well known for the quality of its outstanding program. More than 25 tycoons in systems biology field have been invited to give lessons in this program. These scientists share the most compelling science and ensure that the latest advances in all areas of systems biology research and specifically the most important emerging research fields are fully covered.

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GSB mini-workshop

This mini-workshop specially introduces free and open- source softwares for the analysis of modern biological and biomedical data sets, such as microarrays, next generation sequencing data, genome annotations, networks, etc. In 2013, this workshop provided an elementary-level introduction to sixoftwares for graduadte students from wet lab.

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GSB Annunal Poster Competition

This is a great opportunity to showcase GSB students' research to a wide range of professors from interdisciplinary field. Generous cash prizes are given to assist winners in attending international conferences in order to promote their research and further their academic network.

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EMBO Global Exchange Lecture Course

"EMBO is a leading organization that fosters new generations of life science researchers producing world-class scientific results. It is our delight to create great opportunities for young Taiwanese scientists to connect with the elite scientists of Europe”, said by Academia Sinica President Chi-Huey Wong.

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Pizza Party for Systems Biology Discussion

Dr. Sui Huang, a professor of Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, shared his academic and research experience with GSB students in GSB seminar course.

Seminar Banquet for Modeling & Genetic Circuits Discussion

Dr. Chris J. Myers , a professor of electrical and computer engineering in the U, enjoyed his Chinese feast with GSB students.



2014 Poster Competition was Successfully Held on May 30.

This competition aims to provide a broad platform and opportunity for GSB students in different fields, to harmonize interdisciplinary academic exchange, to probe the connection between computation and systems biology.


GSB Recent Seminar

Dr. Aaron Jon Mackey (University of Virginia Cancer Center)

I. Unlocking secrets of the mammalian transcriptome with RNA sequencing. (5/20, NTU Life Science Buliding 3F)

II. De-risking drug development using systems-level genomics from human surrogate organ systems (5/21, Academia Sinica IMB 1F)

Dr. Hervé Seitzs (IGH, French National Centre for Scientific Research Paris)

I. Small regulatory RNAs in eukaryotes. (6/4, NTU Life Science Buliding 3F)

II. Reciprocal regulatory relationships between microRNAs and mRNAs. (6/9, YMU Traditional Medicine Building 1F)


GSB News

Jun. 25, 2014
GSB Informal Discussion & Orientation Forum.

Welcome to GSB! We are excited about the new school year, and we want you to have a great start.  This discussion provides you with information about the GSB program that will help you make a successful transition.

May. 30, 2014
Poster Competition in the Category of Systems Biology

All posters are eligible for the Best Poster Scholarship Award. (More than 499USD)