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Situated at the National Taiwan University main campus, the Institute of Oceanography, the first of its kind in Taiwan, was established in 1968. Its mission is not only to train graduate students but also to provide the environment for scientists from all aspects of oceanography¡Vphysical, chemical, geological, geophysical, biological and fisheries¡Vto work together to explore the seas around Taiwan . Its faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and social responsibility by studying the marine environment, marine resources, and protecting marine ecosystems.

The Institute offers both M.S. and Ph.D. programs, and students may choose to enroll in one of its four divisions: physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics, marine biology and fisheries.

Due to the broad coverage of research programs and complex exploration tasks at sea, the Institute maintains a university-owned research vessel, the Ocean Researcher I . The vessel is equipped with advanced navigation equipment and research instruments. Its operation is coordinated by experienced administrators, and is further augmented by the crew, marine technicians and the vessel's Regional Instrument Center .

Over the past three decades, the Institute has trained many graduates now working in academic, government and private sectors and has been recognized as the major resource for Taiwan's ever-growing needs in marine-related institutions, organizations and companies.

There are four prospects for the future:

•  To establish the marine laboratory at the port of I-lan and a home base for the R/V Ocean Researcher I .

•  To become still more involved with international collaboration of marine sciences and oceanography. Survey areas including the Japan Sea, the East China Sea, the West Philippine Sea, the South China Sea, and the seas around the equator.

•  To participate in international oceanography research projects such as the International Ocean Drilling Project (IODP), the International Marine Global Changes (IMAGES), and the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS).

•  To advance the Marine Sciences Program to promote university students' understanding and interests in marine sciences.

Contact Information

1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 106, ROC
Tel: (886-2) 23625983
Fax:(886-2) 23626092
E-mail: iontu@oc.ntu.edu.tw
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