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In view of the increasing worldwide attention on the global change research and the cooperation among scientists in various fields, the Global Change Research Center (GCRC) was established to gather information, to form consensuses, to define research goals, and to become a world-class research center. Beginning in 1989, great efforts were made to establish the GCRC. Finally, on June 29, 1991, the proposal for establishing the GCRC was approved in the University Affairs meeting and the Center was officially established in August 1992.

Research aims of the center focus on (1) integration and coordination of current global change research, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and on the regional problems of Taiwan and the South East Asian region; (2) promoting of international cooperation in the area of global change research; and (3) providing basic and advanced educational courses.

Contact Information

Office: 2nd Floor, Global Change Research Center
1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 106, ROC
Tel: (886-2) 33664475 ext. 114, 115
Fax:(886-2) 23639154
E-mail: gcrc@ntu.edu.tw
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