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The department originated in December, 1946 as the Meteorological Research Center of the Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture . When the Department of Geography of the College of Science was established in August, 1955, there were two sections in the department: Geography Section and Meteorology Section. The Meteorology Section became an independent department in July, 1972 and was named the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Graduate programs offering M.S. and Ph.D. degrees were set up in July 1982 and July 1987, respectively.

"Atmospheric Science" is a science of theory and application combined. Our courses emphasize basic training in physics, mathematics, and computer science, as well as applying the knowledge to real atmospheric testing. The courses can be roughly divided into 4 categories: Weather Dynamics and Severe Weather; Climate and Earth System; Atmospheric Physics, Chemistry and Environment; and, Atmospheric Observation and Information. Students are encouraged to explore the different categories according to their interests, as well as taking other programs that the University has to offer. The minimum credits required by the department are 128 credit hours . For an undergraduate degree, these regulations enable students to fully develop their potential and acquire diverse abilities.

In response to the global trend of science integration, our ultimate goal is to give our students a broad base. We expect that they achieve a deep insight to the Earth system as a whole, and contribute to the advancement of the field. As noted earlier, atmospheric sciences is a newly-developed branch of science. The development has been particularly rapid in the last decade. Because of industrialization and development in Taiwan , the issue of environmental protection has received great attention. For this reason, the demand for atmospheric scientists is increasing rapidly. In order to meet this demand, the department will continue to upgrade its research capability and will recruit top-notch graduates to pursue graduate study in the department. The department will also strengthen cooperative programs with public agencies and private companies so as to contribute its know-how to the community.

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E-mail: yyliu@ntu.edu.tw
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