Online Chinese Group Class

    (I) Course Introduction

    • With 5 to 8 students per class
    • Class level – only for elementary level now:
      • Very beginner’s class: for those who never learned Chinese, who do not understand and do not speak Chinese at all
      • Elementary class (mainly based on your listening and speaking skills): if you assess your level as elementary, we will still arrange you a placement test, including written test and oral test. If your level is higher than our standard, we will have to wait till we have other applicants of your level to open the class.
      • Our elementary level is for:
        1. Those who have learned Chinese for less than 100 hours
        2. Those who passed HSK 2/TOCFL A1 (or lower level)
    Online Courses

  1. Course Calendar:
    1. 3 months per season, with spring, summer, fall and winter. Spring/Summer/Fall: 12 weeks,Winter: 10 weeks.
    2. Group Class follows in-person Regular Season Program’s calendar(For more information: Schedule and Fees ). It will be easier for you to continue/join our in-person Regular Season Program afterwards!!

  2. Class Time(Taiwan time) GMT+8
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday, with 2 classes per day
    • 09:10~11:00 12:10~14:00 15:00~16:50

  3. Course Fees:
    • Weeks/Season Tuition fee/person Notes
      12 weeks/per season NTD 25,200
      1. Application fee NTD1,000/person(Non-refundable) is charged upon first application
        (If you continue your course or register again in one year, we will not charge the application fee again.)
      2. Those who continue their course (without interruption) will have 5% off for tuition fee!!
      10 weeks/Winter season NTD 21,000

(II) Application & Registration

  1. Online application:6 weeks before the date when you expect to start the class.
  2. Once we receive your application, we will email you to confirm your class details in 7 business days and offer payment instruction. Please wire the payment by prescribed time. Once we confirm the payment is received, we will arrange a teacher-student meeting to let the teacher know better about the student’s level. After the meeting, the class will start as scheduled.

(III) Course Regulation and Related Information

  1. Once the class time is decided, it should not be changed. Please attend the class on time and finish all the class hours within prescribed time.
  2. Please log in 3 minutes before the course starts to make sure that the internet and required device all work well and get ready for the class.
  3. Please make sure you have proper device, software and internet to support your online class. There will be no make-up class for the classes which are affected by facilities or internet if the class suspended for that is less than 5 minutes.
  4. We have no classes on national holidays.
  5. If you need to contact the teacher but cannot reach him/her, please email the CLD office in the first place (
  6. If you need to ask for absence:
    • No make-up classes for Group class. (Unless the whole class/everyone in the class informs the teacher or CLD office to ask for absence 24 hours before class starts. And it is limited to 2 times of make-up class as maximum per season.)
  7. The office will follow the instruction of the Taipei City Government or assess the influences on classes to decide whether the class will be suspended when there is a typhoon, an earthquake or other natural disasters or events that cannot be controlled. When the class is suspended in such cirsumstance, make-up classes will be made.
  8. Grade report and course completion certificate are not offered for this class,class hour cerificate is available.If necessary, please email to apply.
  9. Refund Policy: Detailed information: