Microfluidics LaboratoRy

The Microfluidics Lab aims to design and fabricate microfluidic devices for clinical applications and to study important cellular issues. With much progress in microfluidics in the last decade, microfluidics has become an enabling technology for miniaturization, or “lab-on-a-chip” platform. In our Lab, cell-based studies are the focus of research.

The Lab’s cell culture room (CCR) cultures about 8 cell lines, supplying fresh cells for experiments. The Lab’s cleanroom provides essential facilities for fabricate of microdevices. Additional microfabrication needs are supported by various centers on campus.

The most important asset of the Lab is people. Current, 2 doctoral students working closely with 4 master students in a team-work atmosphere to mutually support each other’s research needs. Collaboration with surgeons and doctors in the National Taiwan University Hospital as well as other faculty members complements our engineering know-how to enable important research in the cellular level.


  • Jan. 2015: 2015 program of SI2C - Proposal approved.
  • Oct. 2014: 1 papers accepted from 2014 MicroTAS conference!! (1 Poster)
  • Oct. 2014: 1 papers accepted from 2014 ACTC conference!! (1 Poster)
  • Jul. 2014: W.F. Hsu and Michael Lee passes their Master oral defense. Congratulations!
  • Jun. 2013: C.T. Kuo passes his PhD. oral defense in 2013. Congratulations!