Internet-based LogMAR E Chart for Visual Acuity Test

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  1.   Double click on file <logMAR-English.html> to start.

  2.   This program is designed for 17-inch LCD screen, 1280x1024-pixel resolution and under full-screen mode of Internet Explorer.

  3.   Press <F11> key to run the test in full-screen mode.

  4.   Right-click the mouse on the <Standard Button> bar, choose <Auto-Hide>.

  5.   Move the mouse cursor off the screen from right side.

  6.   Measure the length of the bar. Test at a distance equals 10x bar-length (for 17-inch LCD screen, it's 285cm ).

  7.   Use keypad in the right side of keyboard to proceed. Turn off <Num Lock>.

  8.   <Up>, <Dn>, <Rt>, <Lt> to change the opening direction of E.

  9.   <Enter> to show the visual acuity.

  10.   <PgUp> to increase E size; <PgDn> to decrease E size. From 0.016 to 1.0, totally 19 lines, the size of E decreases proportionally following logMAR ratio.

  11.   <Home> to return to title page, and then start over from 0.2 vision.

  12.   Repeat the test with the keypad as illustrated in 8-11.

  13.   After finishing the test, press <F11> key to terminate full-screen mode.

Online Test Download programs